Talking_art. a series of online encounters on Instagram

Talking_art. is a series of online encounters resulting from curiosity and desire for dialogue. On our Instagram channel (@wall__gallery), we will present conversations with guests invited to talk about art.

Whitechapel, Artists’ Film International: Katarzyna Górna, Wojciech Duda and Rafał Jakubowicz’s film

Whitechapel, Artists’ Film International available online here 2 February – 28 March 2021 By Wojciech Dada, Katarzyna Górna and Rafał Jakubowicz, Cleansing refers to the 2001 American production entitled Conspiracy (distributed in Poland with the Polish title reading: Ostateczne

Monika Mamzeta, an interview about her latest project

Unfortunately only for Polish readers. Monika Mamzeta on „Itsy-bitsy CANCER… leaves you with a SCAR” project. W pierwszym październikowym wydaniu „Wysokich obcasów” znajduje się wywiad z Moniką Mamzetą na temat