Magdalena Bielesz, La Leyenda [The Legend], Residencia Corazón, Buenos Aires

Magda Bielesz brought a suitcase full of pieces of her family’s clothes to Argentina from her homeland, Poland. They are not simple fabrics, they are pieces of her own story as she conceives it, a constellation of symbolic identities: kinships, stories, own or transmitted memories, myths.

In „The Legend” she approaches the color firmly, either to present us a large piece of woven wool such as an umbilical cord, an unequivocal symbol of family ties, as well as schematically planed paintings that refer to the perception of colors in her daily life, as well as to the ones she found in La Plata upon arrival to the residence. Magda invites us to peek out into her life (her lives) to experience time in a truly expanded way.

Let’s accompany her. Inauguration: 

August 24, 2019

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