Małgorzata Gurowska, group show: Zoepolis. Design for Weeds and Pests

Exhibition ‛Zoepolis. Designing for Weeds and Pests’ puts in the center of attention, affirms and gives concern to species living very close to man, but despised and often excluded. Taking Nośna’s space and its nearest surroundings as the starting point of exhibition, participating artists explore the periphery and the borderland, cooperate with non-human inhabitants and propose design interventions that seek to rebuild broken ties with our closest neighbors. The central point of Alicja Patanowska’s, as well as Katarzyna Roj’s and Czarny Latawiec’s interest becomes water and soil – sources of life, complex ecosystems, and at the same time habitats, which extraordinary vitality raises human fear. Anna Siekierska and Małgorzata Gurowska turn their attention to beings that can be seen and yet from which we look away: common, but endowed with unusual powers plants inhabiting wild lawns and cracks in cracked concrete, as well as despised co-inhabitants of human habitats: pigeons, fruit flies, spiders …

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