Magdalena Bielesz, group show: CICA EXPERIMENTAL FILM AND VIDEO 2020, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea

CICA Museum May 27 – June 14 2020 Featured Artists 참여작가: Barry Anderson, Denise & Gordon Asti, Artoldo (Sara Ferro & Chris Weil), David Baumflek, Magdalena Bielesz, Kayla Cantu, Camilo

Kornelia Dzikowska, solo show: Power Play, CCA Warsaw

Setting to work for the Project Room, Kornelia Dzikowska decides against staging an exhibition.

Małgorzata Gurowska, group show: MYCOsystem, Kordegarda, Warsaw

“MYCOsystem” is based on interspecies cooperation. This is a study of just one material – wood – as seen from the vantage point of a variety of species.

Małgorzata Gurowska, group show: Zoepolis. Design for Weeds and Pests

Exhibition ‛Zoepolis. Designing for Weeds and Pests’ puts in the center of attention, affirms and gives concern to species living very close to man, but despised and often excluded.

Olsza Grochowska’s residency in Mallorca

Wall Gallery is happy to present you the detailed information about our residential program which starts in November 2019.

Joanna Borkowska, solo show, National Museum, Szczecin, Poland

In her radiant, subtly textured abstract canvases, Joanna Borkowska connects to this long-standing phenomenon, while also contributing to the vitality of contemporary painting.

Magdalena Bielesz, solo show at Zachęta Project Room in Warsaw

Rituals of Transition. Board Games is the title of an exhibition by Magdalena Bielesz, presented at the Zachęta Project Room.

„Dibujo” Wall Gallery group exhibition in Mallorca

The beginning, casual – a sketch, an image of a thought – a record. An academic foundation and a tool of anarchist artistic expression.

Maria Kiesner, group show: Gdynia – Tel-Aviv, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Gdynia and Tel Aviv are almost 3,000 kilometres away and yet, despite the distance between them, the two cities are strikingly similar.

Gosia Bartosik and Basia Bańda show at Fundacja Salony in Zielona Góra, Poland

Wall Gallery has a pleasure to inform that you can visit an exhibition of our artist Gosia Bartosik in the company of another great artist Basia Bańda.