Wall Gallery was responsable for postproduction coordination and promotion of this extraordinary documentary film.

The film was made with cooperation and support from: Purpose Climate Lab, European Climate Foundation, ClientEarth – Prawnicy dla ZiemiHeinrich-Böll-Stiftung Warszawa oraz Rebus FilmsDrone in WarsawPROZONE.plDobryGłos.plWall GalleryKwartalnik Przekrój i Nauka o klimacie.

Trailer with English subtitles:

The new documentary “It’s Okay to Panic” will be made available online at YouTube.com/RamseyUnited for a limited time – June 1-7, 2020. The film will be available in four language versions: Polish, English, Spanish, and Russian.

„It’s Okay to Panic” is a nostalgic portrait of Professor Szymon Malinowski, a 62-year-old atmospheric physicist at the University of Warsaw who worries that climate change may cause human civilisation to collapse in the coming decades. A career educator, Prof. Malinowski studies phenomena leading to climate changes and for years he has been raising the alarm about the threats we face. The film visits him at a moment when he must deal with a personal tragedy which prompts him to evaluate the way his country has changed during his lifetime, for better and for worse.

The fate of the planet is in our hands!
More information at: It’s Okay to Panic