There And Back Again, Wall Gallery Online Exhibition

„There And Back Again” is the latest exhibition of the Wall Gallery which was created with our new reality in mind. The project will launch our new portal: www.wallgallery.online / PREMIERE: 28 May 2020

Available here: https://wallgallery.online/projects/there-and-back-again/

Visions, fears, anxieties, hopes.

Most of us have plans and dreams. Sometimes it’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that things don’t always go our way, or we encounter problems which make achieving our goals difficult. Sometimes it turns out that not everything is possible, or for some things, it’s already too late. Other times unfulfilled ambitions result in melancholy, tendency to self-reflect, or desire to travel, even if only inwardly. When we find ourselves in that spot, we often reach back to memories embedded in our minds, we escape into fantasy worlds, or we start thinking ahead, navigating all these states, going #thereandbackagain.

Anna Walewska