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Wall Gallery is a creative platform that operates in three areas:

  • as a commercial gallery of contemporary art representing 15 Polish female artists;
  • as an agency realising both its own and external projects: we specialise in production, promotion, and organisation of cultural projects in Poland and internationally;
  • we are also involved in social activities, especially for equal rights and raising environmental awareness.

I am often asked: why only women? Wall Gallery is a gallery that represents female artists and sells their works. Why? From the conception of the Wall Gallery I wanted to develop its market presence and simultaneously work on socially engaged projects. I profoundly believe that with the collaboration of various entities it is possible to achieve. We have a say in what the culture which shapes us looks like. It’s a two-way street. Models that function within its limits, just as the language, are incredibly important. So far, enough research has been conducted and we have enough experience to know that within this culture, men and women function on different terms. What I mean by that are different rights, benefits and perspectives. Culture affects the way we think about ourselves and how we shape our sense of self and our self-worth. As we become older, we discover working models and we learn the language. We compare ourselves with role models. This is why we must not leave women out; their contribution must not be marginalised, their achievements must not be played down, and their talents overlooked, as often has been the case throughout the history. We need initiatives, foundations, galleries, public institution, and companies which will ensure the balance is maintained. Wall Gallery is one of these entities.

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